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June 2017

Even though it is now getting warmer and sunnier again, still many flues and illnesses are going around, so it is especially important, to help your immune system. In order to do this we can provide you with several different products like:

* Coldamaris Pro Spray
* mineral nutrients from Dr. Schüssler
* herbal drops
* tinctures from Köhle
* homeopathic medicines
* etc.

For further information feel free to ask us personally.


01.02.2017 - 31.08.2017: special offer for the vaccination against TBE from all insurances

Promotions: Sleep

If you have troubles sleeping there are several natural products which can help you enhance your quality of sleep.

  • Easysleep Tea + Melatonin special offer -10%
  • Padma Nervotonin
  • melissa elixir from Köhle
  • lavender tincture from Phytopharma 

Special offer

We now offer the new Freiöl product portfolio including: body oils, massage oils for pregnant women, shaping oils, oils for dry skin, intensive creams, night care with passionflower and anti age hyaluron lift for demanding skin.


New in our pharmacy: Heart Defibrillator

 How to use a defibrillator:



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