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Aromatherapy is used with essential oils to improve the feeling of well being or as a healing product. Due to the fact that essential oils can cause allergic reactions and side effects it is important to speak with an aroma consultant.

Aromatherapy was even used during the times of the pharos in Egypt in the form of fumigatting stick for rituals.

The french Chemist for Cosmetics and Parfums Rene-Maurice Gattefosse experienced burns on his hands and his scpal after an explosion in is laboratory. He treated his burns with lavender oil and was very surprised about the rapid and scar free healing. Due to this accident he became the father of aromatherapy.

Essential oils can be used steam distillation (roots, herbs, woods) old pressed fruit peels (orange, tangarin, lime, bergamotte), Extraction through alcohol (blossoms, Vanilla, Benzoe) and extraction through resin.

Bach flower therapy

Bach flower therapy was discovered in 1930 from british Doctor Edward Bach. Bach believed that every physical sickness is associated with an emotional unbalance and healing can only take place through the harmonization of the emotional and mental level.

Dr. Schüssler Biochemistry method

Dr. Schüssler (1821-1898) was a doctor and homeopath this theory was that every sickness is related with a mineral deficiency. These illnesses can be healed through salts, he created 12 different mineral salts this method he called biochemistry.

The principle is similar to homeopathy but the content is different. The 12 salts (Nr.1 - Nr.12) contain different minerals for different purposes.

They come in tablet form (lactose), Dilution (diluted in alcohol), beads (globuli) or for external use: creams, gels, shower gels and bathing salts.


Homeopathy was created by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He created this system through information that he gained from tests that were done on healthy persons and himself. He discovered that through this method he could wakeup a sickness in a healthy person and in the same way he could heal a sick person. In 1800 he was able to present his method of treatment.

The homeopathy is based on potency, which means that every substance is diluted with lactose or alcohol. Homeopathy teaches us that the higher the potency the stronger the effect.

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