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Pharmacy in Graz with homeopathic tradition

Herz-Jesu Apotheke Graz

The Herz Jesu pharmacy was founded in 1890 and is located in the center of the Herz Jesu quarter in Graz.

Our team offers you advise about:

  • Medication: effects, side effects,
  • Herbs (teas, tinctures, oitments)
  • Vaccinations, medication for travelling (required measures)
  • Alternative healing methods: homeopathy, aromatherapy, mineral substances by Dr. Schüssler
  • Skin care

Mag. Maertens was one of the first pharmacists in Graz to begin working with homeopathy. In 1954 his son Mag. Otto Maertens took over the management. His greatest achievement was spreading his knowledge about homeopathy all over Graz.

Mag. Andreas Spitzy continued to inform and advise the customers about homeopathic treatments and products after his take over of the pharmacy’s management in 1990.

In 2005 our colleague Mag. Claudia Rodas Gruber introduced the ancient study of biochemics by Dr. Schüssler to our pharmacy, which are combined with other alternative healing methods, like bachflower therapy and essential oils in order to provide ideal support for your health.

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