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Overview of our service and products

Consultations about the effects, side effects ans interaction of medication

It is very important forusto take the time to inform youaboutthe intake of your medication,the possible sideeffects and inetraction of them.

Vaccination Information

If you are planning a journey we can inform you about the required vaccinations and the time span in which they should be taken.

Nutritional Consultation

A balanced diet is essential for a healthly way of life. Through our everyday lifestyle and the overwhelming offers of instant meals we tend to choose the easy way out which is not often the healthy way. This path can lead to what is known as "illnesses of modern day society" such as: overweight (adiposis), diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and burnout! All these ellnesses have the same common root; too many calories, not enough vitamins and minerals and too much citrus and milk sugar.

It is very important to listen to your body and to nourish it with healthy foods. Whether you consume 3 or 5 meals per day, what counts is what you eat. The digestive system needs at least 12 hours daily to recuperate; this allows the body to maintain its weight. There is no problem with eating dinner, what´s important is that the next meal takes place 10-12 hours later. Breakfast is the first energy kick of the day and that is why it is important to eat wisely. Such as; scrambled eggs, 3 min. egg, Muesli, or porridge, if this is not possible, them; fruits and veggies (bananas, apples, tomatoes, and cucumbers). For those that drink coffee in the morning it is important to drink additional liquids to compensate for the additional urinary discharge. Lunch should be well balanced, for instance; salad with a warm meal, a sandwich is not considered a balanced meal it doesn´t give the necessary energy that is needed in the afternoon. "only the dosage makes it poisonous", said Paracelsus this is also relevant for food and luxury foods (Alcohol, sweets, and chocolate). A warm meal in the evening (soup, rice dishes and steamed veggies) prevent midnight cravings.

If you are already suffering from the above mentioned illnesses you are more than welcome to come and we are more than willing to help you to find an appropriate solution to your situation.

Alternative Healing Methods

We sell Essential Oils from the company Primavera. Primavera is well known for their 100% organic essential oils. These organic oils are carefully processed in Ogly, Germany. Esential oils can be used for room deodorizers or for different medical treatments (Massages, aromatherapy).

Primavera offers a cosmetic line for different skin type:

  • Neroli Cassis line: for dry skin
  • Salbei Traube line (common sage-vine): for oily and acne
  • Borretsch Kamille line (borage-chamomile): for sensitive skin
  • Rose Granatapfel line (rose-pomegranate): for major skin (with antiaging effect)

Our products

Homeopathic products

* DHU, * Spagyra, * Remedia

* Apozema, * Similasan

* Wala

* Weleda

The minerals from Dr. Schüssler

Tablets, dilutions and skin products.

Brochure and literature are available in the pharmacy.

Homemade specialties

Homemade specialties from our pharmacy where created by the pharmacist Dr. Maertens many years ago and are well loved by old and young.

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